Beware – Crosswalks do NOT make you safe!

Recently, media attention has focus on a problem that I have been aware of for many years. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, the rate of pedestrian fatalities is astoundingly high. I have represented, and continued to represent the families of many victims of such accidents. One common […]

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Supreme Court Decision Harms Injured Californians

On Thursday, August 18, the California Supreme Court issued its long awaited opinion in Hamilton v. Howell Meats.  The result will severely limit the compensation that accident victims receive in many cases.  No Longer may the jury consider the amount that a hospital or health care provider bills as the reasonable value […]

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How Much is My Case Worth?

Many times when taking on a new client, I am asked “How much can you get for me?”.  Naturally, I can never ethically provide a number, because I don’t want to create expectation that is not met, or imply that I am guaranteeing a result.

However, I can discuss the factor […]

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